5 Things You Need To Write A Narrative Essay On A Little-Known Book

The narrative essay assignment requires you to express yourself by telling a story – usually in something you a have experienced or something that is personal. It’s generally a pretty straightforward assignment but it can get tricky when the topic you write on is something uncommon to most people, such as a little-known book. So, here are five things you need to know about doing this:

  1. Find something relatable within the book
  2. The first thing you should aim for is identifying something the reader can relate to about the book you’ve chosen. This should make writing this kind of assignment much easier and should allow you make a connection with the reader right from the start, regardless of their experience (or lack thereof) with the subject.

  3. Be sure your topic is vibrant with details
  4. One of the key components of a good narrative essay is that it has plenty of vivid details which paint a picture of your topic. No matter what the book you’ve selected or the topic you have selected, you should emphasize on just those portions in which you can use highly descriptive nouns and verbs.

  5. Create and outline and write the first draft
  6. Organize your ideas in an outline. You should think about how to best convey your thoughts on the topic logically and directly so that the reader has no difficulty understanding. You don’t have to include complete sentences but it does help to create discussion points and sub-points to remind yourself of the ideas you want to present. Keep this outline with you as you write the first draft so that you can refer to it often.

  7. Improve your narrative essay through revision
  8. Never submit a first draft of your assignment; it will never be as good as you imagine it to be and certainly will never earn you a good grade. Your narrative paper can usually be improved through a thorough revision. Identify places in the paper that can be modified by adding, rearranging or deleting content. Try doing this at least a few hours after completing your first draft so that you can be more critical of your writing.

  9. Edit and proofread your paper multiple times
  10. The last step in writing a good narrative paper is to edit and proofread your paper multiple times. Do these at the paper the paragraph, and the sentence level. This will ensure that you have found every instance where you can edit for greater clarity as well as identify small errors that could cost you a letter grade.

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