A List Of World History Argumentative Essay Topics On The Dark Ages

History essay largely rely on the availability of reference materials. However, a topic on the Dark Ages is challenging to write about because literature about this era is scarce. This does not eliminate the possibility of writing an excellent paper about the era in history. There are different issues that would be of interest about that age.

Early Dark Ages

Dark ages witnessed massive death of urban centers or urban life. This led to changes in social, economic and political setup, among other areas. Such changes and their triggers provide a rich source of argumentative essay topics on The Dark Ages

  • - The Dark Ages was an inevitable period in the History of the world
  • - The Dark Ages led to the loss of a lot of historical materials
  • - The world would have been more developed had it not been for the Dark Ages
  • - Monastic Learning disrupted universal education during The Dark Ages
  • - Religion merged with politics during The Dark Ages and has maintained its position to-date

Middle Dark Ages

Debate ranges on regarding the activities of The Dark ages. Some argue that it led to the rise of world renowned scientists and the expansion of mathematics as a discipline. This gives rise to such interesting topics as:

  • - The Dark Ages were not all dark after all
  • - Knightly Orders, and chivalry as products of the Middle Dark Ages
  • - Centralized political systems still based on Middle Dark Ages are more effective than modern systems
  • - The paper and its transformational effect since Middle Dark Ages

Late Dark Ages

The most common topic of this era is the Black Death. It resulted out of the bubonic plague. This is the age when the peasant class emerged and the feudal system died. With reduction in population, labor changed into a market factor. This era gives rise to such excellent essay topics as:

  • - The Black Death was a blessing in disguise
  • - Merchants, prostitutes and criminals were the center of the Hundreds Years War
  • - Canterbury Tales captures the literature and history of the Dark Ages better than history books
  • - The Dark Ages re-engineered the society for good

There are a lot of areas you can focus on in your argumentative essay about The Dark Ages. In fact, other sections argue that the age was not dark after all, considering the lasting changes it gifted the world. The options for a paper on the Dark Ages are endless.

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