5 Components Of An Amazing Essay On Science Vs Religion

In your effort to write an amazing essay on science versus religion there are a few key components you should be aware of. This kind of assignment is similar in many ways to a compare and contrast essay, in that you should provide arguments and counter arguments regardless of the side you take on the subject. Here are the five components experts suggest are necessary in an amazing science versus religion essay:

  1. Introduction Paragraph
  2. The introduction should simply cover the main topic that you will be discussing in the assignment. For instance, you may start by simply brainstorming some ideas for the basic question “What exactly do I want to say about Science versus Religion?” As with all great introductions you should start with a compelling hook – either a question or a quote would be great choices. Your introduction should also start broadly and gradually move towards the narrow.

  3. Thesis Statement
  4. Your thesis should come at the end of the introduction since this is the place where most readers expect to find it. Your thesis statement should clearly and directly point out exactly what you will be discussing and the position you are taking on the topic. Be sure you provide some element covering both science and religion so the reader knows you have considered both points of view in your analysis.

  5. Comparison Section
  6. This section should provide details and explanations of the key similarities between science and religion in terms of your topic. For instance, if you are discussing the two in terms of health you can describe what things science deems good for one’s physical health as well as describe what things religions deems good for one’s physical health.

  7. Contrast Section
  8. This section similarly provides details and explanations of the key differences between science and religion in terms of your topic. Using the same example from above it would be fitting to point out that many dietary restrictions in the bible are founded on a kind of spiritual health, of which there is little evidence in science.

  9. Conclusion Paragraph
  10. Finally, your conclusion paragraph should summarize and synthesize all of the major points discussed in your essay. You shouldn’t simply repeat the information, but instead rewrite it in different terms. Also, never introduce new material in the conclusion. You should only touch on the ideas and examples you have already covered in the body paragraphs.

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