List Of Interesting Essay Topics About Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night may be one of the most entertaining plays ever written by Shakespeare. The plot is so brilliant that you can find countless movie adaptations to it that have been made in the recent times. It’s a very interesting topic to choose for your essay, and not just because Helena Bonham Carter once starred in an adaptation as Olivia. Below are topics you can choose from to write about Twelfth Night.

  • General character analysis: You can always choose one character to talk about. You can relate the character to yourself or someone you know. You can also analyze that character and link his/her actions to things one might today in this day and age due to oppression or a weak ego.

  • In-depth character analysis: By in-depth, we mean you can choose a particular situation in the play that shows the characters better. For instance, why isn’t Sir Andrew a good suitor for Olivia? And can you prove otherwise?

  • Love triangle: You can talk about what the play is most famous for; the love triangle.

  • Psychological explanation: This is my favorite thing to do when writing an essay about any plot. You can almost psychologically analyze any story given to you, bearing in mind that philosophy and psychology are two poles of the same clone, there isn’t much you can assume that can be deemed false.

  • Feminism/Egalitarianism: What drove Viola to dress like a man? You could always argue that this has something to do with general oppression that still lives today.

  • Appearances aren’t what they seem: The theme of Viola pretending to be someone she is not can employ as a symbol of many other things.

  • Free will: Are the characters free-willed or predestined and how does that apply to Shakespeare’s age?

  • Seneca: If you’re not sure who Seneca is, you should look him up as he can be included in any essay that talks about a Shakespeare play. Playwrights at that era idolized Seneca, and it has something to do with the previously mentioned topic of free will.

  • Happy ending: The play ended joyously, but was that satisfactory in your opinion? It may have been too predicted to appease your taste, or you may think it should have realistically ended otherwise.

  • The form: You don’t have to talk about the plot alone, you can also focus on the form. You can use this play to compare the 17th-century syntax with today’s and argue on which you think is better.

These are our suggestions of the topics that you may include when writing about Twelfth Night. We hope we were of help!

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