Great Advice On How To Select Persuasive Essay Topics About High School

Persuasive essays are the most commonly assigned writing assignments, especially for high school students. While instructors often assign topics that are related to their course curriculum, there are times when students get to write about what they know best: high school. If you have been given the opportunity to write about high school in an argumentative essay, here are some ways to select a topic:

  • Write about what you know. It is much easier to write about things you know. So, if you have been involved in running for an executive board office, then write about that. Not many students run for office, so you have a unique perspective that you could write about persuasively. If you were on a varsity team, then you could write about that. Maybe you failed a class and that gives you a chance to persuade someone to not do what you did.

  • Take a stand. A persuasive essay is supposed to convince someone to agree with you. So, when you pick your topic, you should write about something you can argue. Maybe you think everyone should take a choir class, since there are so many bad singers in the world. Maybe you want to convince the school that smartphones should be embraced in school rather than banned. Whatever you decide to argue, you need to have a compelling argument.

  • Argue a school policy. Most school policies are decided by adults and often by adults who rarely set foot in the classroom. This makes them fair game for students to argue in their persuasive essays. If your paper will be read by the people who make decisions, then you want to be sure your argument is supported by believable facts and powerful statements. Some of the more popular policies to argue include those about dress codes, homework, cell phones, and lunch.

  • Consider standardized tests as a topic. This is a topic that no one seems to like, but does not seem to be disappearing anytime soon. The odds are that you will have to take several different types of standardized tests during your high school career and some of the tests might not serve any purpose at all. Most of your teachers and fellow students will agree with any papers that you write against standardized testing, so this topic is a good choice if you want to earn a good grade. If you want to have fun with the topic, write a paper that is pro-standardized testing.

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