Finding Some Persuasive Essay Topics for 6th Graders

The persuasive essay, sometimes also referred to as the argumentative essay, is a writing assignment that is used to convince your reader about a position you believe in or are passionate about. These assignments are great for students first learning how to craft effective essays for school and can usually be found starting in the 6th grade. The trick is finding some really good topics that interest, inspire and encourage students to write. Here are some good topics for 6th graders:

Are snow days really needed? Do we take snow days too seriously? Or is the extra day or two off a year helpful for students to get some valuable family time?

Should elementary schools offer more art subjects? Art is generally only studied for a few hours each week, and for the most part involves making small projects. But should more art – such as photography, acrylic/oil painting or even sculpture – be incorporated throughout the week?

Should kids get paid for earning top grades? Is compensation for good grades a great way to reinforce and reward students for hard work? Or are top grades themselves the reward?

Is penmanship still important? Now in the age of computer technology and shorthand, is penmanship still important or are we overemphasizing a skill that is quickly becoming unnecessary?

Should students have more field trips? Field trips are considered to be fun and creative ways of broadening a student’s mind, but they also cost a lot and sometimes don’t supplement learning at all.

Should students be allowed to use cell phones during recess? Students are carrying cell phones at a younger age. And while cell phones are banned during class, some schools allow students to use phones during recess and lunch breaks, thus contributing to students being less active.

Should bullies be kicked out of school? If we had a tougher policy on school-aged bullying would it contribute to its decrease, or will we constantly see instances of these?

Should students where uniforms? Many schools have found that making students wear uniforms helps in improving students’ interaction, discourages exclusionary groups, and is less distracting. So should more schools just go ahead and adopt the practice.

Should school pets be mandatory in class? Taking care of a pet takes a lot of responsibility. So should more schools have pets in classrooms that students need to take care of?

Should schools have gardens to provide healthier food choices? Gardening is a great learning activity that can last all year. But there are also health benefits by growing fruits and vegetables that could be used for school meals. Why aren’t more schools doing this?

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