Promoting STEM Studies To Non Traditional Groups

Science Technology and Math are receiving more attention now than ever before. It has become glaringly obvious that these fields are not attracting enough young people to fill the vacancies that will be opening over the next few decades. Worse yet, women and people of color continue to be underrepresented in this field. This essay looks into how this trend can be reversed.

Summer Camps

Through this method, young children can begin to develop an appreciation of the more practical aspects of the sciences. Rather than being taught the boring parts as they might be in a classroom setting, they can apply their knowledge immediately into the building of a project that they can take home afterward. This makes the process seem personal and helps develop pride in their abilities.


This has been implemented already by many universities. Women and minorities who are interested in technology or the sciences can more easily acquire scholarships to pursue such fields. This can be the incentive that turns them to STEM instead of a field that they may be able to break into more easily.

Non Traditional Teaching Methods

In much the way that summer camps can make the learning of sciences more fun, schools can follow suit and begin to apply more interesting methods in their teaching. This can include incorporating MOOCs into the curriculum and having people who have excelled in these fields come in to speak about how fulfilling their jobs are. This can make a huge difference to children who are uncertain about what they want to be. It is even more useful if these visitors are people who the children identify with either by ethnicity or gender or both.

Internships with Employment Opportunities

As much as these children may be motivated to pursue a particular option. It an be even more helpful if they know in advance who they will be hired by after their studies are completed. This can be arranged by having them do internships so that they can test the waters in different companies while still studying. At the end they can make an informed choice.

In many cases, both women and minorities have been taught that they are less capable with STEM subjects indirectly. These methods can help to break them of these habits. Not only will they benefit by adopting a more positive self image but the sciences will benefit from access to more diverse world views.

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