How To Use Explanatory Essay Examples To Get Good Grades

Sometimes students find it painstaking to explain themselves in a piece of writing and in such instances, the most likely encounter will always be no point to take home because one would be beating around the bush throughout the time and process of writing an essay. There are many different types of essays a student can partake one and all require some level of creativity if one is to emerge a winner. Well, when it comes to literary pieces that require students to explain some phenomenon, one is supposed to get it right from the onset and particularly with regard to the manner in which points are supposed to be articulated. One thing you should know about writing that requires explanation is that they should not only be detailed but also dramatic to enhance one’s understanding of whatever concept or topic that is being discussed. And when getting good grades is the ultimate thing that every student years for, one must strive to get it right using all means possible. In this article, we take a look at some tips that will help you craft some good piece in which case examples are used well for the benefit of the writer, so let’s take a look.

  • Get creative with your points
  • Also known as expository writing, explanatory essays are fundamentally written with an authoritative voice assuming that your prospective readers have not read anything of the same kind. Well, when it comes to using examples, always remember that creativity is core. If for example you are explaining some phenomenon which happened in the past, you should be colorful in your writing as possible so that things do not turn out blurry and hard for anyone to understand.

  • Body paragraph and supporting examples
  • In writing, each and every paragraph will always be introducing a new concept or idea. Often, a paragraph is started with a thesis statement which is arguably the main idea. Well, when this is the case in your explanatory writing, you should be comprehensive as possible in supporting your main idea using figurative examples. In this regard, use of figurative language and imagery to drive the point home is never a bad idea.

  • Relate your story
  • Stories are sometime told to entertain and when this is the case, keeping your readers glued to a piece of writing can only be achieved if you relate your experience in the story with some real happenings in present life. This is another way of giving examples.

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