List Of Twenty Reflective Narrative Essay Topics To Write About

Narrative and reflective essays are the most trying of all essays as they test your creative writing rather than being based entirely on facts and data. The expanse of creativity is vast and unique. Often schools assign such topics solely to test the writing skill and imagination of the student so this is something that you cannot just memorize and write up.

The key to a good reflective and narrative essay is choosing a topic you are comfortable with. While reflective and narrative topic requires vivid imagination, your presentation should also be logical enough. It should not appear to be random nonsense juxtaposed for the sake of writing. Underneath is a list of twenty topics that are popularly assigned and are interesting enough to stand out in their own merit at the same time.

  1. My idea of an ideal Library
  2. If I was to make the school rules
  3. My dream land
  4. The toughest work that I had to do in my life
  5. My idea of a perfect holiday
  6. If I was lost in the woods
  7. The world in 2050
  8. If I was left to roam in Jurassic park
  9. Had the world been Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
  10. Life in a deserted Island
  11. My greatest ambition in life
  12. The funniest incident that I have ever witnessed
  13. Life without gadgets
  14. If I did not have to study
  15. The best memory of my life
  16. The things I would do with a million dollar
  17. If I could be invisible
  18. If we did not need to sleep
  19. Being able to meet my favorite fictitious character
  20. If you could fly

As you can see from the above list, all the topics have one common link that is they are all creative. If you feel that narrating an incident in far easier than inventing a completely new imaginary story you can always attempt personal topics like talking of your ambition or your best memory. The primary thing that should be kept in mind while writing such essays, is that it should be interesting enough to grasp the reader’s mind. Reflective and narrative essays are in particular quite informal in tone and hence you can be flexible and casual while using the language but do not be too informal as this is still an assignment.

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