Five Things To Avoid In A Synthesis Essay On The Great Gatsby

Framing essays and theses as part of the academic career constitutes one of the most vital duties of any students. Most literature pupils find F. Scott Fitzergald’s all-time classic, ‘The Great Gatsby’, a wonderful piece to base their synthesis essay. Forming syntheses means the resources in support for this novel must be present, which includes excerpts from books, journals, charts, graphs, illustrations and so on. However, the responsibility doesn’t end in accumulating the resources. They must be read, annotated and the task completed in relation to that.

Getting started with syntheses

For starters, a synthesis essay tests the ability of a student to infer relationship among sources like essays and few non-written sources like observations, lectures and the like. Aside reading the text and framing summaries of the sources, students must be careful in drawing conclusions about the validity of sources and thereby move beyond the critique of the sources in order to determine the exact relationship among them.

Things to Avoid

Few things must be kept in mind while framing synthesis essays. Get online help about these for quick clarification of doubt. While most students are actually aware of what they should write, the don’ts are not mastered well. Here’s taking a look at few:

  • Excess citation is undesirable
  • Conciseness or brevity forms an important attribute of the essay. Students should cite only what’s needed and nothing more. If a small phrase or quotation suits fine, then there’s no point elaborating on unnecessary details.

  • No allowance for considering all arguments
  • The resources might present a long list of arguments, but who said you need to adopt them all? As a writer, every student must know and encourage critical thinking. In other words, along with the presented facts, there must be one’s own observations.

  • Mere direct quotes fail to work
  • Paraphrasing new quotes will actually help in framing synthesis essays. This adds to the summarizing and writing-in-one’s-own-words skills. Picking up few phrases is fine, but care should be taken to see that the ending, especially, doesn’t contain them.

  • Tense must be intact
  • Just because few parentheses are involved in quotes or the tense doesn’t suit the tone of the essay; it is unwise to change it. When making the essay, students must have a rough outline. So while completing the work, they must resort to paraphrasing and not haphazard change of tense or quote.

Browsing the sites will help in getting suitable ideas on the do’s and don’ts of writing synthesis essays on more established works.

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