Writing Tips For Students: Words To Use In A Comparative Essay

The comparative essay writing assignments requires students to compare two or more items such as different positions on a topic, different theories, different works of literature, etc. It all depends on the kind of class you are taking, but regardless of the discipline the basic components of the assignment stay the same.

The basics for comparison are pretty simple. In a specific and logical manner you should present the similarities and the differences of the two items you are comparing. There are certain words you can use to inform your reader more efficiently and effectively what it is you are trying to achieve in your comparison. Here are some writing tips for students on those words for you to consider in your comparative essay:

Comparison Words:

  • In the same way – Certain words let the reader know what you are trying to accomplish in a particular sentence, and this phrase clearly points out that two items are alike.

  • By the same token – This phrase works similarly to the one above, but can be more effectively used when there is a particular point that links the two items being compared that may not be easily recognized by the reader.

  • Similarly – This is a versatile term that can essentially show that two items are comparable or have characteristics in common.

  • In like manner – This is another great phrase to use in a comparative essay and works and can be interchanged with the phrasal terms mentioned earlier in order to add variety.

  • Likewise – This term takes the exact meaning expressed with the phrase “in the same way” and can effectively be used for variety while letting other students know that a comparison is being made.

Contrast Words:

  • Nonetheless – This adverb is a highly effective way of explaining that an item is something in spite of whatever has just been said. For example, a hike up a mountain may be difficult but nonetheless will be fun.

  • However – This contrast adverb is commonly used in comparative essay writing as a way to express something that is different from the previous statement.

  • On the contrary – One of the best writing tips for students is that they use as many variations of terms to express their idea and create variety. This phrase is similar to the ones above and should replace those terms if you’ve used on more than the others.

  • On the other hand – This too is a phrase that makes a contrasting statement but is mostly used with statements that are only slightly related.

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