A Selection Of Intriguing Problem Solution Essay Topics For Undergraduate Students

As an undergraduate student you might be asked to write a problem solution from time to time. Such papers are not always just aimed at getting you to write a strong essay. In most cases the concept here lies in getting you to exercise your ability to find challenges within the community and come up with a relevant solution for it. If you can do this and do it well, you will not even need to worry about a thing. A problem solution essay is therefore one that requires an advanced level of critical analysis from you, considering that you are now an undergraduate student, not in high school anymore.

The following are some topics that you can choose given the chance to work on such a paper. Remember that the topic you choose is always important in getting you more marks.

  • Discuss the challenges that are experienced by learner drivers, and show how these can be addressed at a fundamental level to increase road safety

  • Discuss the issue of DUI and deaths that result from the same. Explain how drunk driving can be effectively stamped out

  • New vehicles are currently designed with features which are supposed to make your work easier as a driver. Explain some of these features and how they help in making the roads much safer

  • Students and the younger generation in general are fond of texting when they are doing so many other things. Discuss some of the challenges that this habit brings to their lives in the long run

  • In as much as advancement in technology has made the world a better place there are some areas where technology has made things worse off. Highlight 5 of such instances, describing possible ways of making things better

  • Kids today are growing up in a world that is so confusing and they spend very little time with their parents. Try and discuss some of the simple things that parents can do to help their kids grow up to become honest individuals

  • Which is the best way possible for parents to educate and discipline their children without appearing to be overbearing?

  • Parents who have been active in sports or some other activities are normally known to be so competitive and demand more of the same from their kids. Discuss some of the challenges that such children go through, and how to remedy their plight

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