Chemistry Essays Topics: 15 Areas You Can Investigate

The field of chemistry is one of the most interesting to write about. There are plenty of topics dating back decades and even centuries that may spark your interest, as well as all of the modern research areas you can build a topic about.

Students of science sometimes have a difficulty with essays because they don’t spend a lot of time writing. However, the more you advance in this field, the more writing you will do. Therefore, it’s a great idea to get lots of practice. The following list of 15 topic ideas will give you a starting place when trying to narrow down the topic you want to investigate in the essay.

  1. How do pesticides affect run-off soil? What does accumulated data suggest in terms of what should be done to alleviate this problem area for the environment?

  2. Choose a chemical experiment and its consequences. Discuss what has been learned from it or how the results have changed the world.

  3. An in-depth analysis of the chemistry of diet soda – what effects does drinking soda have on a person’s bone structure?

  4. Organic food vs food treated with pesticides – what are the repercussions for the food industry?

  5. Think of a branch of chemistry that has emerged or is related to history, religion, math, literature etc. Make an analysis.

  6. What is the chemical makeup of a variety of magma and lava rocks? How is this related to their geographical origin and era?

  7. What is dangerous about radon? Why the hype?

  8. The chemistry of the baking industry: baking soda vs. baking powder. Are they both necessary? Differences and similarities should be discussed.

  9. What role did Marie Curie play in modern chemistry?

  10. What chemistry is involved in the reason why generic medications are less costly than brand-name. Is there really any difference at all besides the labelling?

  11. The role of pheromones in humans

  12. What chemicals are used for preserving foods shipped long distances? What health effects are caused by their use? Are they regulated enough?

  13. What really constitutes a “natural flavor?” is this nomenclature correct or is it misleading?

  14. What are the choices for emerging students of science in the way of chemistry-based careers?

  15. What is the chemistry behind different types of dental fillings?

When you read a list such as the one above, the ideas should promote new ideas to form. This will help you narrow down a topic you can really be interested in.

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