Top 25 Interesting Movies To Write An Evaluation Essay On

An evaluation essay is a task where the author should write about something and present their arguments to prove whether the subject is good, bad, or better in comparison to something else. If you have the assignment to write an evaluation paper about some movie, there is a huge amount of good and interesting topics. However, if you cannot choose what movie to analyze, you may look at the list of masterpieces below.

  1. The Godfather.
  2. The Wizard of Oz.
  3. Metropolis.
  4. All about Eve.
  5. The Adventures of Robin Hood.
  6. The Philadelphia Story.
  7. Boyhood.
  8. Toy Story 2.
  9. The Bicycle Thief.
  10. Finding Nemo.
  11. On the Waterfront.
  12. Apocalypse Now.
  13. Lawrence of Arabia.
  14. Man on Wire.
  15. The Hurt Locker.
  16. Tokyo Story.
  17. The Wrestler.
  18. Annie Hall.
  19. Before Midnight.
  20. The Best Years of Our Lives.
  21. Mud.
  22. Aliens.
  23. How to Train Your Dragon.
  24. The French Connection.
  25. Once Upon a Time in the West.

You may choose any of these movies to write your evaluation essay. For your paper to be decent, you should, first of all, watch the movie by yourself and read the reviews of professionals to learn about things that you didn’t notice or didn’t pay much attention to.

The direction of an evaluation paper can be very different, depending on the movie that the author analyzes. Here are some good suggestions:

  • Evaluating a classic romantic story, you may compare the roles of women and men of that time with current days.

  • Evaluating an action movie, you may indicate what makes it so interesting for the audience and what distinguishes a good action film from a bad one.

  • Evaluating a war movie, you may discuss whether it portrays the real historical events correctly and whether it conveys the right message to the audience.

  • Evaluating a movie that is based on a book, you may analyze how well the film represents the atmosphere described in the original work.

  • Evaluating a sequel, you may compare it to the original movie and discuss whether it really developed the story and characters or just duplicated the pattern that worked for the first film.

  • Evaluating a movie, you may focus your attention on the work of the composer and discuss how the music helps the audience to dive deeper into the story.

  • Evaluating an animated movie, you may indicate the advantages of animation and state why it wouldn’t be so interesting to watch the real life version of the same story.

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