Where To Get A Well-Written Self-Reflective Essay Sample

A self-reflective essay is the type of paper in which students have to reflect upon their personal experiences and show the lessons they have learnt from them. It is more like a self-evaluation where the student discusses his steps to self-acknowledgement. The experiences may be good or bad in nature but the student has to show he learned from them and what will be the future application of this lesson in achieving his goals. Such papers usually have an academic nature or talk about the academic performance and success of the student. However, you can use this style to write about any experience that made you a better person in any way. The most common place for writing such papers are the scholarship and college admission essays. This is where the instructor or admission officer wants to know a little about you and your approach towards life.

In this paper, you are free to use the first person or narrative style of writing because you are talking about your personal experiences. It is important to write in a way that is understandable and clear to the audience. Do not be very subjective or biased when you write about personal experiences. Your readers do not want to think of something as good or bad based on your personal opinions. If you have to give such a statement, make sure it is supported by strong evidence and relevant examples. Students often talk about how they faced an issue and came out of it strong but they miss to mention the future application of this lesson. Your reflective essay is incomplete without mentioning the way you will use this lesson to achieve your future goals.

If you are not familiar with this type of essay and want some help, then you should use a sample or example of a well-written paper. When you read good examples, you learn the format, structure, tone, and style you have to adopt.

In order to find well-written samples of reflective essays, consider searching the following places

  1. The internet is a good place to look for examples in different academic areas
  2. The library will be a reliable source to find the examples you need
  3. Notes from a senior will help you understand the structure and the format
  4. Your friends in school
  5. Friends on social media networks
  6. Your teachers

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