Composing A Cause And Effect Essay On Breast Cancer: 5 Writing Tips

Depending on the teacher, students may occasionally have to write an essay about breast cancer. Since a significant percentage of women will be diagnosed with this disease at some point in their life, it is an important topic for students to write about. To create the best quality of essay, students should use the following tips.

Use Scientific Journals

The quality of any research paper is largely determined by the quality of their research. While textbooks contain a basic overview of the topic, the best sources are from the medical or scientific community. There are many different trade publications and scientific journals that include research on the subject of breast cancer. Students can use these sources to complete a well-researched, high-quality essay.

Think of Multiple Causes

Cancer can be caused by numerous different factors. While some of them are controllable, scientists have recently linked some breast cancers to a specific disease. To create a good cause and effect essay on breast cancer, students should explore all of the different causes that could lead to this disease.

Be Empathetic

Many people have a family member or loved one who has had cancer. Due to this, students need to write their paper with empathy. They should never imply or state directly that cancer was the individual's fault. There are many reasons why breast cancer occurs, and the sufferer should not be blamed for having it.

Get Feedback

Once the essay has been written, students should ask their classmates, a teacher or a parent for help with editing it. A fresh pair of eyes will spot problems with the student's argument and can suggest different pieces of research that could support the student's discussion. By getting feedback, students can ensure that they turn a fully edited document to their teacher. In addition, students may want to try using editing software to spot any errors that they may have missed.

Source Carefully

If students do not source all of their information, it is technically considered plagiarized. The teacher may mark students down for not sourcing information or they may return the essay for further editing. To get the best grade, students need to exercise caution in what they use in their paper. As long as the data is properly sourced, the student should not have any plagiarism issues. In addition, the student should make sure that they have included every source in their bibliography. The teacher will use the bibliography to see how much research was done, so students must list all of the sources that they used in their research.

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