How To Compose A 5-Paragraph Narrative Essay Within 30 Minutes

Essays have always played a crucial role in our education life. It has given us the power to analyse and criticize any piece of work or thing. It has also helped us increasing our capacity and grasp in the English language from our very childhood. A short analysis of a topic is what these things contain. The topic might range from social or cultural aspect even to educational aspects.

Out of many formats of writings narrative ones are always the best one. There are pieces like argumentative which argue on a particular topic and try to prove its point to the readers, or it might be a persuasive essay where you have to peruse your reader to have a similar opinion along with you on a particular topic. But the best part of narrative essay is that you get the full freedom of expression to make your readers sync with your perceptions and views.

Narrative essay and its structure:

An essay which is written only from the author’s point of view with detailed descriptions and precise artistic explanation of the incident so that the reader can visualize the entire incident in front of him/ her. The writing should not be from a second or a third person’s view. You have the full freedom to express whatever you think is ideal for the description.

How to write a 5-paragraph narrative essay:

  • It all depends on the topic and the incident that you have been asked to narrate. The topic is the most important thing. If it is a journey to a hill station then you have to work your mind in accordance with a travelogue writer.

  • The title is another inflicting part which determines the fruitfulness of your essay. It should be creative and a lucrative one, not a boring or a dull one. Thought it should not deviate from the topic.

  • A five paragraph descriptive work is not easy to cope up with. You can get pretty messed up. You need to make an outline of your work and work in accordance to it. The outline will contain the description and facts of each paragraph in brief. This will help you to write it in a proper way without missing out points.

  • The introduction should be quite catchy so that the reader finds it interesting. The second paragraph is all about setting the mood of the write-up. Third and fourth paragraph deals with the precise narration whereas the last one should be a hard-core conclusion.

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