How To Select Good Essay Topics About Immigration

USA is the only super power in the current world. It automatically attracts citizen of most country into its shores. Prevalent among them are the people from neighboring countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Caribbean and Mexico.

  • The arbitrary position
  • The immigrants in USA have to face a barrage of racist strains, immense poverty and prevalent double-standards. Interesting essays can be written on immigration by pressing the excruciating conditions they tend to face. The condition is not a rule but is rather arbitrary.

  • Tendency towards crime
  • The aspect requires deeper study. Since they live in abject and poor conditions, they waver towards crime and imbibe a vitiated mindset. They themselves create a world around them, segregating from the general fold. This naturally creates an invisible division and thus the racist strains.

  • Crafting your space
  • There are immigrants who prosper somewhat and create a space for themselves; e.g. China-land in Brooklyn. Europeans have rather sophisticated receptacles and lie in well-to-do manner. It is only the Africans and neighboring countries who live a second-grade life in general and become a butt of essays.

  • The helping hand
  • Your essay should also eke out the benefits that US Governments hold out for immigrants. They are often assured of jobs for a suggested number of days so that they can earn a living. Every new Government holds a maple leaf for them; on which they can float.

  • A feeling in the air
  • There is a feeling that immigrants are subjected to such conditions that they can naturally become an active part of cocaine-smuggling, so that Americans can have their fill. Some are of the opinion that perhaps this is a major reason why the presence of immigrants is entertained.

Here are 10 enticing essay topics on immigration for your reference

  1. Compare the status of European immigrants vis-à-vis African immigrants
  2. Analyze the mindset of immigrants when there is a war going on between the native country and the country they take shelter in
  3. What factors lead to the generally observed criminal mindset of immigrants?
  4. How can immigrants be directed to a better lifestyle than how they live now?
  5. Write an expository essay on the spread of Mexican immigrants on US shores
  6. Trace the origin of immigration
  7. Suggest how the partisan element settles down with immigrants
  8. Trace the constant altercation caused by Bangladesh immigrants on the shores of West Bengal, India
  9. Why should or should not immigrants be eligible for social security?
  10. Do the immigrants naturally become a victim of racism or do they add to the malady?

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