Useful Advice On Creating A Short Essay About Underwater Caves

Writing about underwater caves is a popular assignment in both marine biology and geology courses. While approaches will be different for each discipline and depend heavily on your specific topic, creating a short essay is mostly the same. Here’s some useful advice on what you need to know to create a great short essay:

  • Do some background reading
  • Start by simply doing some background reading. Familiarize yourself with some key terms and issues concerning underwater caves. This can all be done online and you don’t need to take down citation notes if the information is general or commonly known.

  • Select an original topic or idea
  • Your background reading should have helped you to narrow the focus of your paper. Work on developing an original topic that interests you. It will help to draft a few thesis statements to think about all you need to accomplish to create a great paper.

  • Conduct some in-depth research
  • Now that you have developed your idea you should conduct significant in-depth research. Even if it’s just a short assignment you should do ample academic research to back up your idea with resources that are current and reputable.

  • Create an outline and thesis
  • Take your research notes and organize related ideas together. With an assignment of this limited length you should aim for your best three ideas to discuss, preferably the ones with the most impactful pieces of supporting evidence. Create an outline to reference as you write each of your drafts.

  • Start writing the first draft
  • Get started on your first draft immediately after creating your outline. A lot of your ideas will be fresh and you should get them down on paper as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This means not stopping to make corrections.

  • Return to the draft for revision
  • Get back to revising your first draft after taking a day or two off from the project. This will make it easier for you to identify all the parts that could use improvement. Consider different and more efficient ways to express your ideas so that they become clearer to the reader.

  • Edit and proofread final version
  • Finally, be sure that you edit and proofread your short essay before submitting your final version. Even the smallest mistakes could lower your grade. Don’t let an error in spelling, grammar or punctuation negatively affect your work. Do this final step very carefully and attentively.

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