How To Get An A On Your Evaluation Essay On Lord Of The Flies

Essays of this type should be well organized and developed, since it about piece of literature. First of all, you have to read the novel. Not only because it is given as an assignment, but because it is a great novel, as well. You can learn a lot from this book. Apart from this, if you want an A for an essay about The Lord of the Flies you have to analyze the themes, symbols and motifs inside.

Major themes elaborated in the novel

After you read the novel you realize that there are several important themes that are discussed in the novel. It is not only a book about children playing on an island, but it is a lot more than that. There are hidden messages behind every act of the children. Here are several major themes discussed in the novel that you need to elaborate for an A:

  • Civilization vs. Savagery – We can see this theme immediately within the first ten pages. The children are away from civilization and they start to fight for their lives in order to survive. The theme of savagery is throughout the novel. You would even start thinking that it is normal for the children to behave like that.

  • Community vs. Individualism – Several children develop the feeling of individualism. They realize that they are better alone. But, problems started to arise then. This is a good topic theme to be developed, but you wouldn’t be able to develop if you haven’t read the novel.

  • Evil – The nature of evil is very good topic for an essay. Some of the children become very evil during their solitude on the island. They grow up in people that know only evil. In the case of events, evil was hidden in every one of the children. Do circumstances brought them to be so evil? Elaborate.

  • The loss of innocence – At the beginning, children are innocent and they are happy to have the freedom on the deserted island, but as the end comes closer, they seem to equalize warriors and behave like adults. One of the characters even weeps for “the end of innocence”.

The idea of an essay related to a novel is to show understanding of the novel. Therefore, no matter how many essays you will read on a particular topic, no matter how much good are these essays, you have to read the novel and have your own perspective and idea about the topic.

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