10 Argumentative Essay Topics On Media's Effect On Women's Body Image

Talking about essay on body image, in most cases, what makes you unique is your physical build or trait. However, there are cases where a good number of people have altered their personality due to hypes or other opinions through the media. The younger women are the ones mostly affected by the various adverts they watch on the television. Instead of seeing their physical build as what sets them apart from others, they want to look like one slender celebrity or the other. If you have been asked to write an argumentative paper on this issue, then you should see it as an opportunity to correct these wrong impressions.

The first step towards writing your essay on media’s effect on women’s body image is choosing your topic. You should go for topics that would interest your target readers and propel them into wanting to find out more about your academic work. It is not always easy to come up with topics. Listed in this article are ideas on which you can base your argumentative paper. They are as follows:

  • Everyone Should Be Content With Their Body Image
  • Mass Media Has Negative Effect On Young Women’s Body Image
  • The Media’s Perception Of Body Image Is Doing More Harm Than Good
  • Young Women Should Not Go After Images Portrayed By The Media
  • Media’s Portrayal Of The Perfect Being Leads To Decline In Self Confidence
  • The Hype In Media’s Perception Of The Perfect Body Led To Increase In Anorexia Cases
  • There Should Be A Regulation On Media Adverts That Promote Certain Body Images
  • The Advertisement Of Products On Media With Extra Glamour Should Be Banned
  • Physical Beauty Is Not All That Makes An Attractive Woman
  • Skinny Is Not Beauty But Healthy Is

Over the years, a lot of young women have resorted to weird diet routines and extreme expenditure just because they want to look like the models they see on television adverts. The topic you choose to go with should be able to address some of these issues and make these younger ones understand being physically and mentally fit is more important than their physical looks. Through your argumentative paper, they should know that letting the media tickle their fancies is a sure way to suffering from mental insecurity.

In order to make the most of writing your essay, ensure that you carry out your researches on reputable sources. This will help you to gather accurate facts and statistics as to the dangerous effects of media on women’s body image.

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