How To Write A Great Drug Abuse Problem Solution Essay

One popular type of paper that you may be assigned is a problem and solution essay. For this kind of paper you will need to present a problem, offer a solution for it, then argue why your solution is the best or the right solution for the problem. Drug abuse is an interesting topic for this kind of paper because there are so many problems and so many competing solutions for them associated with it. Follow these easy steps to write a drug abuse problem and solution essay:

  1. Choose a specific problem

  2. When you think about a problem like drug abuse, it is actually made up of many small problems. For instance, within drug abuse there are problems of overdoses, problems of drug related crime, problems of effects on families, and problems on problems of law enforcement and imprisonment. Writing a paper about the broad problem of drug abuse will be very difficult, because finding a solution that will address all of the smaller problems is nearly impossible. Therefor, it is best to choose a smaller problem to focus on in your paper. To choose one, be sure to consider what you find most interesting, and perhaps most importantly, which one you can think of a solution for.

  3. Choose a solution for it

  4. Once you’ve chosen your specific problem you’ll need to come up with a specific solution for it. Keep in mind that your solution doesn’t necessarily need to fix the problem all together, it just needs to help to make it better. The most important thing when coming up with a solution for this kind of paper is that you need to be able to demonstrate how it will be a solution, otherwise your argument won’t be very compelling.

  5. Outline why your solution is the best

  6. Part of writing a problem and solution paper is arguing why your solution is the best one. To do this you want to break down how your solution will help the problem in detail, showing its effects at each step. Be sure not to assume that your reader accepts your solution as the correct one from the start.

  7. Address competing solutions

  8. If there are other competing solutions, especially if they are commonly held, you should address them and provide a rebuttal in your paper. This doesn’t need to be extensive, but it should show that you have considered other solutions and still find yours to be the best.

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