Practical Advice On Writing An Essay On How To Improve Your English Vocabulary

In your academic life, you may be given to writing a number of essays on varying topics. Some may be informative whereas others are descriptive or argumentative. You may also be instructed to provide tips on certain things or write a guideline on some issues. If you are to write about the procedures that will increase your English vocabulary skills and stock of words, what shall you be writing? We will discuss that through this article.

As a student, it is very important that you possess a rich knowledge about ornamental and staple English. You know very well what should be done in order to increase your expertise in English. But still you may face a problem while writing a piece of article on the same. The main trouble will be to accumulate all the points and give a proper introduction and conclusion. In that case, you must check out the following points to compile a write-up on the same.

Tips to write the essay:

  • In the introduction, part write why having a solid grip on English vocabulary is important. How does it help in our practical and professional life?

  • Then in the body section, stress on how we should try to improve our skills in English. It is better to create separate paragraphs in the body section. While writing the main body, we should stress on:

    • Learning newer words every day from the dictionary or the newspapers and write them down separately to memorise them later on.

    • We should emphasise on the pronunciation by breaking up the tough and complicated words into different syllables.

    • Often, one word has a different meaning, and we should know how to apply them in sentence making.

    • Words with same diction but different spellings should be learnt carefully.

    • How a good knowledge of antonym, synonym, prefix, suffix, metaphor, similes are important for writing proper English.

    • How one should learn and maintain proper grammar while writing shall be mentioned here.

  • End the essay with a proper conclusion, where you will write how following the points mentioned above can a student become an expert in English vocabulary and writing. Draw an ending line by saying that a student should inculcate the habit of reading English stories and journals and writing English on a regular basis to improve the vocabulary.

These are the various tips on how you can compile an essay on improving English vocabulary.

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