Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay On Cats And Dogs

Writing a good compare & contrast essay on cats and dogs is the fruit of hard work. This is because it takes lots of efforts to generate a list of differences and similarities, select the most important ones, and organize your paper in a clear and effective manner. Besides, composing a thesis statement other than “Cats and dogs are different in many ways but similar in others” may also be challenging for you.

How to Compose Your Compare & Contrast Essay

  1. Understand your assignment.
  2. Get a writing manual with guidelines, consult your instructor, or talk to your classmates to ensure that you know what your final paper should look like.

  3. Brainstorm your main ideas.
  4. Since you can’t simply provide a list of differences and similarities, you should come up with the important points of contrast and comparison.

  5. Formulate your argument.
  6. You need to be specific and avoid writing in general statements. For example, you can focus on the maintenance issues and claim that cats are better pets because it’s easier to take care of them.

  7. Decide on an essay structure.
  8. There are three typical structures that you can choose from: point by point, subject by subject, or compare then contrast.

  9. Create an outline.
  10. Your outline should include a thesis statement, topic sentences, points of comparison and contrast, and a concluding statement. You may also add other details that you consider important.

  11. Write your draft.
  12. A typical paper should consist of an introduction, two-three body paragraphs, acknowledgment of competitive arguments, and a conclusion.

  13. Revise your writing.
  14. After you’ve completed your first draft, take a break and then revise it to find problem spots. Make sure to proofread the text carefully and correct all the mistakes.

How to Compare & Contrast Dogs and Cats

  • Focus on these pets as animals and write about their origin, domestication history, hunting abilities, life expectancy, health issues, and space needed.
  • Compare & contrast physical characteristics such as typical weight, hearing, scent, and type and color of fur.
  • Write about taking care issues such as related costs, walks, training, and relationship with children.
  • Analyze in what ways pet cats and pet dogs change people’s lifestyle, remember to mention common games.
  • Reflect on how to choose a pet, considering care issues such as equipment required, feeding, grooming, house training, space, and your work.
  • Study and analyze the statistics on cat pets and cat dogs in the U.S. provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the U.S. census data.

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