Essay Topics On German Culture: 20 Great Suggestions

Germany is one of Europe’s most diverse countries in terms of culture and traditions. Hardly can you mention cultures in Europe without mentioning cultures relating to Germany. So, for people looking forward to write about German’s rich culture, read the article below to get some fresh topics that you can choose from.

  • The “Oktoberfest” events
  • Germany has one big alcohol drinking party called “Oktoberfest” that starts on a Saturday in September of every year and ends 16-18 days later. Basically, the events started in 1810 which means that there is so much that one can write about this cultural event.

  • The Anglicizing of German traditions into the world
  • If you love cars, you probably know of Volkswagen. It is an iconic car that is hugely associated with Germany and its traditions. How it came to be, its spreading into the rest of the world and impact on Germans can be a good essay topic for example.

  • How did Nazism influence the dominance of German cultures in neighbouring countries?
  • During WWII, Germany and especially Nazi Germany led to the spread of German culture in many countries around Europe. Nazi’s propaganda mechanism and how it influenced dominance of German cultures can be a good topic to write about.

  • German modernism
  • Germany, with its rich and influential culture, is now a modern country. Writing about modernism in Germany and how it has affected Germany’s culture can be good essay topic.

  • The unification of East and West Germany
  • This is definitely one of the worlds most talked about things about Germany. Unification was not just an event, and it has played a huge role in Germany’s culture.

  • The influence of religion in Germany and its politics
  • Germany was predominantly Catholic in the past, but that changed with the spread of Protestantism in the country. An essay about the country’s religious beliefs and the impact of religion in Germany can be intriguing.

Here are other essay topics that you can consider,

  • The BMW corporate culture
  • The Weihnachten Christmas customs
  • The love for rock music in Germany
  • The spread of Ottonian style of building houses in Germany
  • Why is pork so popular in Germany?
  • The influence of immigrants on Germany’s eating culture
  • Restaurant decorations in Germany
  • The love for soccer in Germany
  • Cultural tourism destinations in Germany
  • The Mercedes- Benz museum in Stuttgart
  • German folklore
  • The Prussian virtues and their influence in modern German society
  • Germany’s cultural heritage towns and buildings
  • The Berlin fashion week

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