A List Of Controversial English Paper Topics For High School

In this paper is a list of controversial topics for high school students. The list is a very good one for the mere fact it also can be used in a couple of other subjects. Debatable topics give the student practice in seeing the topics from both sides. In turn, it may change the way they originally thought about it. Most of the decisions made at the high school level are group made. Researching and studying these subjects will give these individuals opinions of their own which can lead to growth of character in themselves. There should actually be a class taught in character building. There seems to be a lack of discipline and morals taught in the regular school system. Below is a list of controversial topics that can be argued from both sides to make a case. Society is always commenting on what is good and bad for our health.

  1. Should Physical Education be required for all students? How important is staying fit and at what age should students be watched over?
  2. Should the legal drinking age go back to 18? If a person is old enough to risk their life should they be given the option to drink?
  3. Should students be made to wear class uniforms? Obviously the problem of gang colors are a cause for a lot of violence but for smaller school areas should it be good for one good for all?
  4. Should students be legally responsible for any type of bullying in school? Should the weight of their actions fall on them or to their guardians as well?
  5. Should public prayer be allowed in the classroom?
  6. Should freedom of speech ever be regulated by the government?
  7. Should MMA ( mixed martial arts ) be banned?
  8. Should there be a death penalty?
  9. Should sports stars be made to be positive role models?
  10. Should America have the right to bear arms?
  11. Should the voting age be lowered?
  12. Are video games too violent?
  13. Should internet be free to every home?
  14. Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports?
  15. Should same sex marriage be legal in every state?

Having no right or wrong answer gives the student the chance to put their opinion out for the rest of the school to see. Knowing that depending on their take on these issues could change the way the rest of the country carries them out can be more than satisfying. The student has a chance to change the way the country rules on them which is priceless.

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