List Of Excellent Narrative Essay Topics That Make A Point

The goal of a narrative essay is to describe something. This kind of paper gives a writer a chance to reflect on different matters and to write about him/herself. As a rule, narrative essays are told from the author’s point of few. The writer provides some specific details as well as his feelings on the event or happening. A narrative essay often has a form of a story since it relies greatly on personal experience. Therefore, this kind of paper should include all the principles of storytelling: setting, characters, plot, climax and ending. Narrative essay usually contains a lot of details that help support the main thought of the story. Narrative papers are often written from the first person, though the third person can also be used.

In summary, narrative essay:

  • - Makes and supports a point.
  • - Is told from a personal point of view.
  • - Has a lot of details.
  • - Uses the principles of storytelling: a plot, a climax, and an ending.
  • - Uses vivid verbs, and sometimes dialogues.

If you need to write this kind of paper remember to involve readers in your story as much as possible. Keep in mind that they need to be interested. Find the connection between the story and the readers, something that will be the point of concern not only for you personally, but for those who will read your paper. All the details you give in the essay must support and explain the story.

If you are having a hard time finding an interesting narrative essay topic, consider the following ideas:

  1. 1. A memorable wedding.
  2. 2. Disastrous date.
  3. 3. A stranger that has influenced your life.
  4. 4. Your most embarrassing experience.
  5. 5. Your hardest breakup with a friend.
  6. 6. A misunderstanding that led to serious consequences.
  7. 7. The most difficult decision you had to make in your life.
  8. 8. An act of cowardice or heroism.
  9. 9. An experience that changed your view on a person.
  10. 10. Your first time away from home.
  11. 11. An accident when you got lost.
  12. 12. You witnessing an important event.
  13. 13. Your most valuable childhood possession.
  14. 14. Some moments from the childhood that you would like to return.
  15. 15. The most precious gift you have ever received.
  16. 16. Your encounter with the police.
  17. 17.A moment in your life when you had to take a leader role upon yourself.
  18. 18.Your biggest fears and phobias.
  19. 19. An event when you had to leave your comfort zone.
  20. 20. A thing that you couldn’t live without.

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