List Of 10 Argumentative Essay Topics Related To Tolerance

Before you can get started with any part of research for an argumentative essay assignment you need to come up with a great topic. A really good topic not only catches the reader’s attention but it also benefits you as a writer because you will be more invested in something that interests you. Here’s a list of 10 great argumentative essay topics related to tolerance to you should consider using:

  1. Explore the notion of zero tolerance for zero tolerance policies. These are usually applied to situations involving students on campus, but do you think the rules sometimes censor a student’s rights as an individual?

  2. Do you think there should be limitations about the amount of religious tolerance we have in the work place? While most are generally aimed at encouraging diversity and discourage discrimination, there are some people who abuse the rule by hiding behind “religious beliefs” to enact in inappropriate behavior?

  3. Do you believe that tolerance in communities helps to tie the citizens of a community together? What are the biggest challenges faced in large versus smaller communities?

  4. The word tolerance has a wide range of applications beyond the tolerance of people for issues concerning culture, history or gender. What do you think are some types of tolerance that people overlook?

  5. Do you think that religious tolerance towards the Middle East would help minimize the threat of terrorism around the world?

  6. Do you agree with states that maintain zero tolerance policies when it comes to the application of the death penalty? Do you believe zero tolerance policies help to deter certain types of crimes?

  7. Should people be more tolerant of how athletes behave in society considering their celebrity status and salaries are by-products of society’s interest in them off of the competitive arena?

  8. What do you believe are the biggest challenges faced by high school teens in terms of tolerance? Is it race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability? Think about issues related to bullying and the way it affects community.

  9. Should people be more tolerant of offensive comments made on the internet as long as they aren’t targeted at a specific person? Have people grown too sensitive to what is said?

  10. Do you think a child can become more tolerant of others who are different by education alone or does one have to experience role reversal or some other situation to empathize?

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