15 Brilliant Topics For Your Essay On Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series has been inspiring opinions from people around the world and continues to do so today. The diverse essay topics found within the pages of all seven books have led to many lacking the understanding, imagination, or ability in which to entirely comprehend the fictional works. Thus they create a large variety of reactions, emotions, and feelings.

Anything that is deemed as not ordinary, mystical, magical, or otherwise unbelievable often creates inspiring ideas and sometimes even controversy. The following topics are sample essay ideas and suggestions for the creation of Harry Potter inspired writing ideas.

  • Which character's life closely draws a comparison to your own and why.
  • Recall a scene written to evoke a feeling.
  • Good and evil are omnipresent throughout life. Compare an event in the series to one in the world during your lifetime.
  • Describe an incantation or spell was used to as a symbolism and why you felt that way.
  • Many of the various character’s deal with an obstacle. Describe an event in which an obstacle molded.
  • Describe an event requiring any character to believe in them in order to succeed.
  • Learning at magic school is like regular school. Why or why not?
  • Select a quote from either Hamlet or Harry Potter. Using only the quote create a new character for either local that is unlike any that is already present, describing them in detail as needed to portray them properly.
  • Show similarities and differences between a single character from Harry Potter and The Canterbury Tales.
  • Practice is the prefix to perfection. Show examples and why those were selected.
  • Find specific examples of imagery to describe a scene or character. Why selected?
  • The Potter characters change when death drew near. How has death no longer allowed you to be a bystander? What coping mechanisms worked best and why do you think that they worked.
  • The Potter books are full of instances utilizing the imagery of numerology. Select one and explain the significance to your life.
  • Create a magical creature, enchanted kingdom, fairytale land, or alternate item that could live among Harry and friends but not your own.
  • Use the imagery of wizardry or magic to compare headlining event of the past ten years.

The fictional land, characters and topics within the Harry Potter series make for an unending list of possibilities in which one can select to write an essay. Harry and friends can easily cross over into virtually any class, assignment, topic or idea with the right lead-in. The above selections were chosen to show just how wide a scope the options can be assessed if taking a little time in which to become creative.

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