12 Funny Definition Essay Topics For High School Students

There are only two kinds of essays that successfully manage to grab a teacher’s eyeballs and hold her attention even though she has a pile of other answer scripts to go through: one, the heartfelt, passionate essay, which deals with the complexities of life and everything bad that happens to people on a daily basis and hence, either has the teacher lost in thinking about her job or bursting out in tears. The other kind is the funny one: this one, too, may have the teacher in tears, but for all the right reasons.

Teachers expect light-hearted essays from high school student, funny incidents that highlight their innocence and uphold the cheerfulness and liveliness of their youth. Moreover, a few laughs are always a welcome break for teachers from their tedious schedules. These compositions always manage to grab the attention of the teacher for a longer period and therefore, fetch more points for the student. These kinds of essays are not only easier to check, but are also easier and way more interesting for the student to think up and pen down.

Here are a few funny definition essay topics for high school students to work on:

  1. 1. Women: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.
  2. 2. Moms: They are like dads, only far less stupid.
  3. 3. High School: It’s a jungle out there!
  4. 4. The Life of a Teenager: A reality based reality show.
  5. 5. The Different Cliques of High School: You can’t it with us!
  6. 6. Prom and its Disastrous Effects on the Not-so-Popular
  7. 7. El Diablo: Write a comparative study on a day at your high school vs. a day in a Latin reality show.
  8. 8. Eating Disorders: How cheerleaders are bad for the America fast food industry.
  9. 9. Scream: Give an account of a day in your life along the lines of a popular horror movie.
  10. 10. Marvel: How it is ruining the society of football jocks.
  11. 11. Skinny jeans: Were they made for men or women?
  12. 12. Broccoli: Is it even food?

High school students should always opt for funny definition essay topics as these are much easier to write. They do not need much thinking as random funny incidents happen to every one over the course of their lives. The funny topics are not only much more entertaining for the students, but also make for lively answer scripts for the teachers to correct.

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