Cinderella is a musical genre fantasy film that was animated in America style. It was produced by Walt Disney and released by the RKO Radio Pictures in the year 1950. The film revolves around a young girl by the name Cinderella. When her mother died, her father married a second wife just hoping that it was the best decision. He had the right interest of her daughter at heart. The lady he married, Lady Tremaine came with two daughters from her previous marriage. She was so cruel and after the death of Cinderella’s father, she and her daughters started treating Cinderella badly. They turned her into a maid in what was her home. This did not however change Cinderella and she kept her kind heart. She made friendship with animals. Her stepfamily did not like her and treated her badly. She was most of the time on punishment even when her stepsisters made dirty false jokes on her.

Cinderella marries the Prince

It happened the King wanted to find a good maiden for his prince. He thus organized for a football game and all maiden that felt potential were encouraged to attend. The king did not however break the news that his son was looking for a wife. Cinderella asked her mother if she could attend. She was given permission to attend and she prepared a gown that her mother had left behind. When the step sisters saw how beautiful it was, they destroyed it. Her grandmother although came to her rescue and helped her repair it. At the festival, the prince rejected all the other girls and picked Cinderella. The two danced together until late night. When Cinderella broke a glass, she fled but dropped one of her slippers. The prince was determined to marry the only girl that will match the slippers. A search was organized. When Lady Tremaine realized that the slipper was Cinderella’s, she locked her up in her room. Her daughters tried the slipper, but their feet were large. Cinderella was rescued by the animals and she came out with the other slipper that fit her feet perfectly. The prince married Cinderella.


The film was received warmly. The songs used in the movie and the animals that Cinderella had made friends with make people like the movie. The songs in the movie were also produced and this raised a lot of profit for the producer. The theme of a happy ending also attracts a lot of people who feel that the manufacturer was successful.

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