Freedom Of Speech

In authoritarian government, the freedom of speech conducted by non-democratic government focus on freedom, to criticize government, to advocate theories and ideologies, to demand institutional reforms, change politics, resignation of incompetents and corrupt from positions of authority. The freedom of speech focus on exercises of freedom that are beneficial to citizen, and which are denied by the government. Stanley Fish advocated that freedom of speech would be inconsequential if the speaking is for own sake.


Free expression is translated into institutional practice in a number of way. The liberal systems of free expressions vary in their rules regarding expression in socio-legal, and political outline within which they function. The abstract model of liberal system is not flexible. There are pragmatic features, when some systems leave from these features, there are reasons that are liberal to defend the departure. The liberal system will be weak or incredible. The public debate requires institutional arrangements, or fostered by such arrangement under conditions of modern social and political life. The twentieth century faced several debates with in liberal camp, over the scope, strength, and grounds of rights to property.


Sceptics of liberal view argue that robustness, wide range, broad zone are metamorphic and controversial in content. Abstract concepts like free speech do not have any natural content but are filled with content and direction one can manage. Challenging conceptual groups decides what verbal behaviour merits this charged terms and there is no such things as free speech because any conception of free speech presupposes political values.


This emphasizes the importance of self-expression and self-fulfilment of individuals through autonomous action of liberal theory. It has been expressed through different liberal maxims: the equal moral agency of individuals, neutrality of state towards conception of good, and priority of right over the good. Speech as an instrument of self-fulfilment aims to be uttered and heard.


Thus it could be concluded that freedom of speech is not the value of speech served but it serves as a nonviolent and non-coercive humanly acceptable manner. Professor Thomas Emerson first amended freedom for furthering four values: 1. Personal self-satisfaction, 2. Knowledge gathering and finding truth, 3. Decision making, 4. Achievement of stable and community.

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