Top 24 Examples Of Good Essay Titles About Abortion

It is easy to get lost when trying to come up with a good essay title. Particularly, when you have been given an open-ended essay topic such as abortion, you are likely to be stranded as you brainstorm some ideas. Yet, a good title will determine whether your audience will be interested to read the rest of your work. It is therefore pertinent to consider some suggestions on how to come up with good titles.

Remarkably, writing about abortion requires you to defend your position. You must critically think about your approach so that you can be convincing to the audience. Even more, you must create a catchy title to give the audience a hint on what you think about the topic. At the same time, the title must never be lengthy since you will explain the details in the essay. In fact, it is possible to use only one word that explains your position and that catches the audience’s attention.

Here are some of the titles you can utilize in your essays:

  1. The unwanted
  2. Discarded
  3. What if that person would find a cure for AIDS?
  4. Mothers who opt for life
  5. The liberty to opt for life
  6. Ghost baby
  7. The greatest abuse of all times
  8. Slaying the innocent
  9. They are more than a collection of cells
  10. Heroes who did not get a chance to live
  11. Should we slay the innocent?
  12. The amazing creation that did not breathe
  13. The un-people
  14. What about the innocent?
  15. Just because the mothers can
  16. Disposable infants
  17. Abortion-is it justified?
  18. The other side of child birth
  19. Is it always a women’s decision?
  20. The awakening to earth ends up in pain
  21. Everyone has a right to live
  22. Is it okay to legalize abortion?
  23. Who has a right to kill?
  24. Killing for no reason

In the ultimate, you should be in a position to answer the question-will my audience be willing to read my work after viewing the title? If not, you may want to take a little more time to think about the message you want to deliver and the most suitable title for it. As well, you can request other students to give their opinion about your title. If most of them agree that it is catchy, exciting and promising, then you can be assured that the audience will appreciate your work.

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