A List Of Possible Essay Questions And Answers Related To Embroidering

Embroidery is rapidly being incorporated in school and college curriculums alike as part of Home Economics classes. The art, which has survived throughout the centuries, is, undoubtedly, a beautiful one and students, aspiring to become fashion designers, are readily opting for the course. Apart from the obvious practical classes, the theory portion of this course is also equally important. Essay questions on this topic can be extremely scoring as well as easy to answer.

Addressing the techniques

The art of embroidery is all about learning the various techniques. It is a rather scientific process, and takes months and months of practice to master. Questions should be aimed so as to test the students on their knowledge regarding these techniques and their various alternatives. The student’s skill set and technical knowledge should be reflected in his or her answers, which should be scientific and to the point.

Variety of questions

The teacher can choose from a wide range of options as far as essay type questions related to embroidering goes. Some of these are:

  • What are some of the most widely used methods of embroidery?
  • Discuss the different patterns of embroidery that have existed throughout the centuries.
  • What are some of the machines included to create detailed embroidery styles rapidly? Discuss some of the problems faced by them.
  • Do you think machines are an effective substitute for hand-stitched embroidery patterns? Elaborate on your answer.
  • Write an account of how the craft of embroidery has helped in the emergence of cottage industries in developing economies.
  • How was British imperialism instrumental in introducing the art of embroidery to the Western world?

Different styles of embroidering

Any student of Home Economics should be well aware of the different styles in which a garment can be embroidered. Questions should be asked, tackling this topic, effectively. Special mention about the differences between Oriental styles of embroidering and Western styles should be made, as well as about how the two have influenced one another. The prevalence of the art in contemporary times and the increase or decrease of its popularity in recent years should also be addressed.

Focus on quality and intricacy of design

Embroidery is a very delicate craft and involves detailed designs and textures. Curriculums should include the quality of fabric that goes well with various embroidered patterns and the appropriateness of certain patterns in specific occasions. It is essential to quiz the students on this.

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