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Even the best essay on earth won’t be taken seriously if it isn’t well laid-out with proper structure. If you can get a good set of steps to follow, your essay or research paper will come together smoothly and professionally.

Planning ahead is one of the basic steps for essay writing. Doing this will make it easier to follow a specific structure. There aren’t any hard and fast rules about planning, but most students find they work best by letting ideas flow smoothly and adapting to the structure as writing begins.

Requirements of a solid essay structure

  • Clearly shows how you will address the research question, what direction you are taking and why you have chosen it.

  • Clearly shows how the main ideas support each other.Organizes groups or categories of information

  • Outlines a logical and progressive path for the reader to arrive at your answer or conclusion.

  • Presents ideas in an organized and logical pattern, helping the reader to remember what they’ve read.

Purpose of the introduction

  • The introduction is arguably the most critical part of the essay. Why? Because it must arouse and capture the interest of your reader. If the introduction can’t do that, you have already lost your audience. Here are the key points the introduction must fill:

  • Captivate your reader
  • Set the background for your essay
  • Explain your research question or statement
  • Define any important terms if necessary
  • Point out the main ideas you are going to cover
  • Give a brief outline of how your essay will accomplish this task

Purpose of the main body and conclusion

  • “This is the part of the essay that contains most of the content. It’s where the evidence will be presented. Each paragraph should be able to stand on its own merit and yet be a pillar or support to the main research question or statement. Any relevant quotations, examples and other details you want to explore or present should be included in the main body of your paper. ”
  • Conclusion summarizes everything you have written in the paper and draws all the main ideas together and unifies them. When you're to make an introduction:

    • You state the conclusions you have formed
    • You show the clarity and significance of your conclusions
    • Do not present any new material in the conclusion
    • The last sentence should briefly summarize your argument and link it to the paper’s title
    • Discuss the failure of your essay to answer other related questions
    • Suggest further research to be done or questions to be asked

Standard Essay Structure

To succeed in writing, follow the fundamental rules.

The standard structure for an essay which is followed by most students and expected by most instructors is simply the introduction, main body and conclusion. Within each of these sections however, there are more structural elements.

Trying to adhere to the structure during the writing stage can feel like a roadblock, making it difficult to write freely. For this reason, it’s helpful to have a general idea of structure but write without being too picky about structure until later in the writing stage.

Keep your research question or essay statement in sight during this process, because each paragraph you write should support your question or statement. This will help you to stay on track and not lose focus.

Writing Partners

Read It Out Loud

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Reading aloud helps to determine run-on sentences. If you are editing your own written work, reading aloud also gives you practice and lets you discover clumsy sentences or words you need practice pronouncing. Still need writing help? Visit AboveCollege to buy essay now.


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